Trail Hero 2020


After a stop in Texas for Wolf Caves, we headed even farther west for Trail Hero 2020 in Sand Hollow, UT! This event is always such an amazing event due to the fact it draws in huge amounts of off-road enthusiasts and because the beautiful area it takes place in. We had a big surprise for a member of team Yukon Gear and Axle this year. That surprise was our newest build here at the garage.. IceBearJKU! We showed up and immediately revealed it to the owner. His mind was blown and you could see the excitement in his eyes. We spent some time going over each amazing part that went on the jeep and then it was time to get it dirty! We took a group of people back and into “The Maze” area to play around on all the steep climbs. Great to see a new build do so great right out of the shop! The next day was the Yukon Gear and Axle run. We met up with everyone in line that morning and headed out for a day of fun on “Johns Trail”. Lead by off road racer Dusty Sexton, we all had a fun day of crawling around on rocks and hanging out. Next run of the trip was our Rockstar Garage run! We lined up and lead a group of people out to “Ledges”. An area full of huge rock faces and breath taking views. We had a fun day and thank you everyone who joined us! Following “Ledges”, the next day we made our way up into “Broken Chain” with GRDLOC. This trail is one of the hardest around and it didn’t take long before the pack got thinned out. On the final day, we spent it out playing in the dunes with the team from Scosche Inc. We filmed a few things for some upcoming releases and shot some rad photos. This event was great and we saw so many faces that we hadn’t seen in too long. Huge thank you to the crew at Trail Hero for putting on the event and all the organization. Come see us on the next stop of The Great American Crawl which will be in Moab, UT the first week of November. See you soon!

Photo's from the event

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